Cultural Rights (8): Tolerance

Diversity and tolerance of diversity can be very beneficial because they make it possible for us to learn from others, to debate with others and take into account their objections and counter-arguments. Tolerance helps us to come closer to the truth. We can take advantage of diversity and of tolerance of diversity, because diversity means other opinions and criticism of our own opinions. The school of tolerance teaches people to reap the benefits from conflict and difference, and makes people suspicious of all efforts to eliminate conflict or to let it degenerate into violence. Tolerance is more than just a restraint on violence.

1 thought on “Cultural Rights (8): Tolerance”

  1. A very nice sentiment, if it only where possible to practice this in the real world.

    Keep in mind that in much of the world you can still be stoned to death for heresy, we in the west often forget that when we present our lofty dreams of coexistence, tolerance and brotherly love.

    I wish we could do this in praxis’s but as long as half the planet live in societies that would fit well in the 14th century i fear this will remain, nothing but lofty dreams.


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