Children’s Rights (9): Child Soldiers

From Amnesty International:

Approximately 250,000 children under the age of 18 are thought to be fighting in conflicts around the world, and hundreds of thousands more are members of armed forces who could be sent into combat at any time. Although most child soldiers are between 15 and 18 years old, significant recruitment starts at the age of 10 and the use of even younger children has been recorded.

Around the world, children are singled out for recruitment by both armed forces and armed opposition groups, and exploited as combatants. Easily manipulated, children are sometimes coerced to commit grave atrocities, including rape and murder of civilians using assault rifles such as AK-47s and G4s. Some are forced to injure or kill members of their own families or other child soldiers. Others serve as porters, cooks, guards, messengers, spies, and sex slaves.


8 thoughts on “Children’s Rights (9): Child Soldiers”

  1. I keep trying to tell people this is happening all over the world all the time but knowone will listen to me. I assume it’s because of my age but i know enough what i’m talking about. When i read this truth it hurts inside to belive there are people out there that would use young children as there soldiers then have someone wanting to join in but not by force. I’m seventeen year’s old and i would like to stop the death’s of this slaughter all over the world. This has been happening in Africa for over hundreds of year’s and not even in ounce of force to the stop of it. Now this type of thing is happening in Iraq & Palestine. How is it that our own people can do this to each other how can we sit back and do nothing accept stare as our soldiers and there children are being slaughterd like dogs. I understand i am preaching but i’m a kid and i can see what’s going on so why can’t the rest of the world you know. This hurts typing these word’s may seem easy simple minded. But i feel deep inside that if i was older then someone might listen to me and i could help do something about it. I want to help with this i truely do but to do so i need other’s to hear me and my word’s how strong they be. I hope you understand where i am comeing from. Thank you! for you listening to what i have to say. I hope you can do what im trying to suceed in.


    1. your completely right, im currently doing an assignment on child soldiers and the stories and case studies that i have read up on are just disgusting. Its funny how us developed countries are able to give out laptops to all students, and simply hand out money to those who arent even in need of it, when theyre are attrocities like using children as bait, sexual slaves, torture and forcing them into killing people around the world. Some human beings do not deserve the right to be called humans, they are more like wild animals and i do not understand nor can i relate to the reason why God would put them on this earth, they do not deserve life if they are going to put children through such repulsive and traumatic experiences, the sooner this stops the better. I am 16 years old and i would love to help put this message out to everyone, and even though we may be young, we are the future generation, and if we cannot do something about it, no one can.


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